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Taylor Venable wrote:
On Wed, 07 Feb 2007 00:08:29 -0800
"George V. Reilly" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I tried to build Vim with MzScheme support on Ubuntu a few months ago and couldn't figure out what I needed to do to get MzScheme included
in Vim. I got everything all the other supported languages working.

Can you summarize what you did?

This took a little playing around with, because the configure script
thinks that you've got all your PLT stuff installed in the same place,
which on Ubuntu isn't the case.  The MzScheme packages on Ubuntu
install some stuff into /usr/lib/plt and the include files
into /usr/include/plt. Configure needs to know about both of these
paths, but only allows you to specify one, using --with-plthome, which
you should set to /usr/lib/plt.  Then inside this directory create a
symlink called "include" which points to /usr/include/plt.  You
shouldn't need any packages other than mzscheme (at least, I didn't need
any that weren't already installed).

It was kind of a tricky process in total, so I chronicled my adventures
in compiling Vim for Xubuntu on my website.  I used Aap to fetch the
source, but the standard make procedure to install it.  Here's the URL:


Please let me know if you notice that I've missed anything important.

Thanks, Taylor. The net change for me on Kubuntu was
 sudo ln -s /usr/include/plt/ /usr/lib/plt/include
and adding
 export CONF_OPT_PLTHOME='--with-plthome=/usr/lib/plt'
to my copy of Tony's myenviro shell script.

Tony, Taylor's instructions should work on any *buntu variant.

Bram, 'make install' fails because there are no *.vim files in runtime/spell.
I'm using the latest stuff out of Subversion *except* for the runtime files,
which are fetched with Tony's rsync invocation:
rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude="/dos/" ftp.nluug.nl::Vim/runtime/ ./runtime/
I hacked around this by 'cp /dev/null runtime/spell/zzz.vim'

Remind me again why the runtime files are so badly out of date in Subversion.
Kdiff3 says that there are over 600 file-level differences between the
svn runtime and the nluug runtime.

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