Alexei Alexandrov wrote:
Hi Bram Moolenaar, you wrote:

I think the best method is to obtain all the files from subversion and
then get the latest runtime files with rsync.  Get spell files manually
(this can be done automatically if you use a language for the first

I tried to use the command given on the site to update Windows 
runtime files:

rsync -avzcP --delete .

It seems to work fine, but the result directory doesn't have spell directory at 
all. Is it bug or feature?

As Bram said earlier, the runtime/dos directory on the ftp site doesn't contain any spell files. With --delete, it will delete in the target directory tree whatever it doesn't find in the source tree.

If you download the full sources (unix+lang+extra) to some directory (let's say %HOME%\build\vim) creating there a tree starting at vim70, you can then maintain the runtime files (including the spell files) as follows (in Cygwin bash) (untested):

  cd $HOME/build/vim/vim70
  rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude="\dos\" ./runtime
  cd src
  export CONF_ARGS='--with-global-runtime=/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/vim'
  make config
  make installruntime

You will get runtime files with Unix ends-of-lines, but Vim-for-Windows can cope with that (provided that 'fileformats' includes "unix", which is the default), and so does WordPad. Notepad can't swallow them but I guess you can live with that.

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