George V. Reilly wrote:

> Bram, 'make install' fails because there are no *.vim files in 
> runtime/spell.
> I'm using the latest stuff out of Subversion *except* for the runtime files,
> which are fetched with Tony's rsync invocation:
>   rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude="/dos/" 
> ./runtime/
> I hacked around this by 'cp /dev/null runtime/spell/zzz.vim'
> Remind me again why the runtime files are so badly out of date in 
> Subversion.
> Kdiff3 says that there are over 600 file-level differences between the
> svn runtime and the nluug runtime.

The Subversion repository contains Vim 7.0 plus all the patches.  For
the runtime files I don't make patches, they would be huge.  There is an
exception for important things or changes related to source code
changes, these are included in patches.  This may cause a few conflicts,
these can be ignored.

The runtime files can be obtained from the ftp site.  However, the spell
files are in a different directory.  It's a separate place, beccause the
files are huge and you probably only want to get the few you need.  They
are not updated often anyway.

I think the best method is to obtain all the files from subversion and
then get the latest runtime files with rsync.  Get spell files manually
(this can be done automatically if you use a language for the first

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