George Reilly wrote:

> * Win64 changes to make code compile cleanly: eval.c, misc2.c, if_ole.*
> * Fixed install.exe bug
> * Fixed annoying warning from Explorer about gvimext.dll
> * Fixed gvim.exe.mnf to be cross-platform. No longer needs to be generated
>   from Make_mvc.mak
> * Re-fixed spell.c so that it works with VC6. Unit tests go into an infinite
>   loop otherwise.
> * Updated INSTALLpc.txt to reflect that Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is
>   now free forever, recommending it over the VC 2003 Toolkit.
> * Cleaned up Make_mvc.mak, incorporating (and fixing) recent patches from
>   Alexei Alexandrov and Mike Williams
> * Added mkdist.bat to copy all of the installable files to vim70 directory,
>   where they are zipped up, for later installation on Win64 or Win32.
> * Made a futile attempt to get gvim.nsi building. Just building.
>   Never mind running on Win64.
> * Fixed a bug in test60: test60.ok must have Unix line endings
> I have tested this code with the VS 98 (VC6), VS .NET 2003 (VC 7.1),
> VS 2003 Toolkit (VC 7.1), Visual Studio 2005 (VC8), Visual Studio 2005
> Express Edition (VC 8), and the VS 2005 x64 cross-compiler.
> I'll re-test the Win64 binaries on a borrowed AMD64 machine at work 
> tomorrow.
> As of yesterday, I was able to use install.exe to successfully install
> gvim and register gvimext.dll, giving the Edit with Vim entry in
> the Explorer context menu. Once everything is retested, I'll make fresh
> Win64 binaries available.

Great, thanks.  I'll add this to the todo list and await comments.

> One bug that I didn't fix. Build gvim.exe with OLE=no, run 'gvim -register',
> and watch it crash while trying to display an error message.

Should be easy to fix...

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