On 12/02/2007 07:48, George V. Reilly wrote:
* Win64 changes to make code compile cleanly: eval.c, misc2.c, if_ole.*
* Fixed install.exe bug
* Fixed annoying warning from Explorer about gvimext.dll
* Fixed gvim.exe.mnf to be cross-platform. No longer needs to be generated
  from Make_mvc.mak
* Re-fixed spell.c so that it works with VC6. Unit tests go into an infinite
  loop otherwise.
* Updated INSTALLpc.txt to reflect that Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is
  now free forever, recommending it over the VC 2003 Toolkit.
* Cleaned up Make_mvc.mak, incorporating (and fixing) recent patches from
  Alexei Alexandrov and Mike Williams

Last week's service pack for VS2005 has changed the nmake version number. It just needs the following three lines adding after the ones for the previous version for VS2005.

!if "$(_NMAKE_VER)" == "8.00.50727.762"
MSVCVER = "8.0"

I also had to edit make_mvc.mak for tests of MSVCVER as nmake did not like it enclosed in quotes. The expressions had to be of the form

!if $(MSVCVER) == ...

Since MSVCVER is set to a string the extra quotes end up being double double quotes which is invalid syntax. Should MSVCVER be set to string in the makefile? What do they come through as from the platform SDK?

Apart from that all seems to work as expected.

* Added mkdist.bat to copy all of the installable files to vim70 directory,
  where they are zipped up, for later installation on Win64 or Win32.
* Made a futile attempt to get gvim.nsi building. Just building.
  Never mind running on Win64.
* Fixed a bug in test60: test60.ok must have Unix line endings

I have tested this code with the VS 98 (VC6), VS .NET 2003 (VC 7.1),
VS 2003 Toolkit (VC 7.1), Visual Studio 2005 (VC8), Visual Studio 2005
Express Edition (VC 8), and the VS 2005 x64 cross-compiler.

I'll re-test the Win64 binaries on a borrowed AMD64 machine at work tomorrow.
As of yesterday, I was able to use install.exe to successfully install
gvim and register gvimext.dll, giving the Edit with Vim entry in
the Explorer context menu. Once everything is retested, I'll make fresh
Win64 binaries available.

One bug that I didn't fix. Build gvim.exe with OLE=no, run 'gvim -register',
and watch it crash while trying to display an error message.

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