Josh wrote:

> Another idea that I saw on the list was improving the encryption in
> vim and encrypting the swap file. The ideas that I have for this range
> from replacing the encryption function in vim with one that is more
> secure to adding support for an external library library to adding
> functions to modify the encryption support in the various scripting
> languages that vim has. Am i missing any details?

Main issue is that the current encryption is breakable.  We need a
stronger encryption, which is free to distribute.  We only need one new

Using an external library creates an extra dependency.  It would be
easier to select an algorithm which we can include directly.  That also
means the code for it must be relatively short.

Encrypting the swap file is actually another item, although it's
related.  Goal is that the harddisk doesn't contain plain text.
Although virtual memory page swapping may still write something to disk
(most systems don't allow disabling this).

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