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To clarify, based on my understanding:  if software is exported from the
U.S., which vim arguably is, and it is capable of powerful encryption
(64-bit symmetric keys, other limits for public-key/elliptic
algorithms), then it _is_ subject to export restrictions.  As the linked
page says, it is exportable, but subject to a one-time review prior to
export.  It doesn't matter if all it does is call a subroutine that was
developed in another country or even if the library itself was subjected
to review and approval (e.g. see Legal Notices at   The regulations are at

Vim is exported from the Netherlands, not the US. Bram is a Dutch national, now living in Zurich (Switzerland) but during most of the time in which he developed Vim, he lived in Venlo (The Netherlands). The Vim ftp servers are hosted by (a server in the Netherlands).

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