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> The main problem that I see is that adding a strong encryption
> function can have regulation issues. That was the only reason that I
> thought about using the external library is to get around this.

With an algorithm like Rijndael there are no patent issues (and there
is even unencumbered public source code available), and the only
problem is with countries that forbid the use of encryption software. 
I imagine that can be solved in the same way as other conditional
compilation matters are tacked in Vim: putting the code in a separate
file and using a compile-time option to include it where available.

> How secure does the encryption need to be?

Considering that Rijndael offers 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit security
with very fast and simple code, it's more a matter of: why would you
bother with anything less than the best encryption you can get?

Matthew Winn

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