I think it's a very clever idea. Right now, awfully lots of imported 
tips are completely broken and this will hopefully remedy this situation.

Just one minor issue regarding the navigation: when I press 'Random 
page' I am sometimes directed to a OriginalMissing page. Does your 
operation fix this behaviour, too? Also, what happens when I press 
Next or Prev on pages which have 'next' and 'prev' arguments missing? 
Does it fallback to old navigation then?


John Beckett wrote:
> As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I propose running a script that will
> progressively change the {{Tip}} template used on imported tips. I also have
> developed another template that I propose will be used for new tips that we
> intend to keep. However, I'm less concerned about fixing the new tips, and
> will not be pursuing that at the moment.
> The main motivation for changing the Tip template is to remove the 'text'
> argument so that the tip body is no longer an argument to the template. Then
> we won't have to worry about pipe characters or double braces in the tip. If
> we keep the current template, we have to fix all the existing tips which use
> the problematic characters, *and* we have to worry about the tips being
> broken by future editing.
> The imported tips have numbers from 1 to 1504. In that range, over 280 are
> missing (spam deleted on vim.org, or other glitches, or tips we've deleted).
> Another motivation for changing the Tip template is to improve the tip
> navigation so that Previous and Next will skip the missing tips.
> I intend taking advantage of this opportunity to do some other processing:
> Trim trailing spaces; replace '#' with '#'; maybe manually inspect
> '--AT--' and replace with '@', or delete if an email address; maybe move
> [[Category]] to the end of each tip.
> See the following for examples and more details:
> http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/User:JohnBeckett/Tip_templates_project
> Please let me know if you like or dislike the proposals.
> John
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