Tom Purl wrote:
I use the potwiki plugin (which is pretty sweet by the way) to keep a
plain-text wiki on my desktop that I can edit using Vim.  All of my
documents are stored under my `$HOME/gtd/wiki` directory.

Occasionally, I need to do a "full-text" search of my wiki pages, which I
do using the `vimgrep` command.  I use the following basic syntax:

    :vimgrep /searchterm/ $HOME/gtd/wiki/*

This works pretty well, except for the fact that it always returns two
"matches" for each search:  one from the "real" doc (for example,
FrontPage), and one from the backup of that doc (FrontPage~).

I would like to force Vim to not make backups of files in my wiki folder,
but still create backups for all of my other docs.  I therefore tried the
following command in my _vimrc:

    set backupskip=$HOME/gtd/wiki/*

This, however, didn't work.  I also tried quoting the path, using a
relative path, etc.  I read the autocmd-patterns help, and followed it's
recommendations, but that still didn't work.

Does anyone know what I'm missing here?  Is my path incorrect, or am I
using the wrong option to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Purl

Once a backup has been created, it won't spontaneously disappear. Under Unix, you could try running the following shell command:

        rm -vf ~/gtd/wiki/*~

In Windows, it'll be harder, since IIUC explicit characters after a * wildcard aren't acted upon. Or you might try doing it in a bash shell (from cygwin, minGW, GnuWin32, ...). (If you are prudent, use "ls" first instead of "rm -vf" to make sure that _only_ backup files will be removed).

Oh, or maybe you could use Vim to expand the wildcards? If

        !dir ~/gtd/wiki/*~

shows only the backup files, use

        !del -y ~/gtd/wiki/*~

to remove them.

After that, your 'backupskip' option ought to work.

Best regards,

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