On 8/21/06, Rodolfo Borges <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I did the following command to open man pages inside Vim:

nmap K :Man <C-R><C-W><CR>
command! -bar -nargs=1 DoMan %!/usr/bin/man -P cat <args>
command! -bar -nargs=1 Man
\   new
\|  DoMan <args>
\|  %s/.^H//g
\|  set filetype=man
\|  goto 1
\|  set buftype=nofile

It works nice, but I want also to be able to specify the man section,

Your question is not exactly clear.
If you want to invoke K or :Man with count like
             :3Man ...
where you want to use count as section number, then
look into :help <count> (this <count> will be 0 if not supplied).
If you ask something else, please clarify your question.


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