* Fran├žois Ingelrest <francois.ingelr...@gmail.com> [180222 01:39]:
> For some reason, the person in charge of the DNS (I don't think it's
> Bram) is kind of old-school and dogmatic, and has decided that vim.org
> is the domain name and not the address of the website. While true,
> this was and is still a ridiculous justification of a stubborn
> behavior.
> Oh well...

To the contrary, the idea that all public facing web sites should mirror
or redirect so that www.example.com and example.com serve the same
content, and those who don't are doing something wrong, is what is
ridiculous.  The name of the web site is entirely the choice of the
domain owner and/or sysadmin.  The repeated attempts by a small group of
people on this mailing list to attempt to force the issue after those in
charge of the domain have made it clear that they do not wish to do it
that way is the stubborn behavior.

I have no affiliation with the vim.org administrators, but I applaud
their refusal to give in to the bullying they have been subjected to on
this list in the past over this issue.


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