Christian Brabandt wrote:

> On Di, 06 Mär 2018, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> > I cannot reproduce this in xterm or gnome-terminal.  Using Chrome as the
> > browser.  With normal paste the Esc is inserted as a character.  When
> > pasting with Shift pressed the Esc is stripped.
> I tried with xterm/xfce-terminal and firefox and could reproduce. You 
> must select the whole text with the mouse in the browser and use 
> Edit->Copy to use the Primary clipboard. Then in Vim in insert mode, I 
> used <C-R>+ and I could see the terminal flush because of changing mode.
> After quitting Vim, I could see on the terminal, that an external 
> command was executed.

Strange, there appears to be a difference between using the selection
and the clipboard.  Hmm, I think that can be fixed.

Anyway, as what was otherwise suggested, the browser should not put
unreadable codes into the clipboard, that is the root of the problem.

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