Hi Bram,

2018/5/18 Fri 3:18:50 UTC+9 Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> Hello Vim users!
> Announcing:  Vim (Vi IMproved) version 8.1


However, Netrw doesn't work on 8.1.
It seems that the patch 8.0.0002 was accidentally reverted and needs to be
applied again.
(I think this mistake would have been easily found if you have released a beta

And I also found two small mistake in version8.txt:

--- a/runtime/doc/version8.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/version8.txt
@@ -22104,7 +22104,7 @@ Files:      src/Makefile, src/option.c, 
 Patch 8.0.1238
 Problem:    Incremental search only shows one match.
 Solution:   When 'incsearch' and 'hlsearch' are both set highlight all
-            matches. (haya14busa, itchyny closes #2198)
+            matches. (haya14busa, itchyny, closes #2198)
 Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/ex_getln.c, src/proto/search.pro,
             src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim
@@ -22595,7 +22595,7 @@ Solution:   Remove bogus typedef.
 Files:      src/os_macosx.m
 Patch 8.0.1316 (after 8.0.1312)
-Problem:    Build still fails on Mac. (chdiza)
+Problem:    Build still still fails on Mac. (chdiza)
 Solution:   Remove another bogus typedef.
 Files:      src/os_mac_conv.c

The first one was my mistake, a comma was missing.
The second one was changed by Dominique's patch, however the double "still"
was intentional, I think.

Ken Takata

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