On 11/10/2016 16.30, Gabriele Fava wrote:
If you want that the UTF-16 files be left in that encoding you'll have to add that as well to the 'fileencodings' (before latin1).
I was wrong, if you have ucs-bom at the start of fileencodings it will detect UTF-16 encodings as well, set the 'fileencoding' appropriately and thus save it back in the same encoding. So you might need to add utf-16le and uft-16be to the 'fileencodings' only if you have some file without a BOM, but actually 'fileencodings' seems quite stupid and it is likely that you'll still need to specify the correct encoding manually when opening the file.

Maybe both utf-16 and utf-16le, I'm not sure what 'uft-16 exactly stands for in vim.
I now saw that it stands for UTF-16BE

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