see my corrected additional lines for Wordpad compatibility at the end of this 

The results of my test are:
Edit existing files with VIM are written back in the same UTF/UNICODE/ANSI code 
as originally.

Creating a new file differs
Notepad accepts all characters e.g. by paste text from a page with IE
and warns on saving the file in ANSI format when there are UNICODE characters.

With VIM UNICODE characters pasted are not shown as expected.
A corrective is

set encoding=utf-8

Because I prefer to have the same result as with Notepad
I put additionally

set bomb

"additional lines in my _vimrc
setglobal nofixendofline
set fixendofline<
if has("multi_byte")
  if &termencoding == ""
    let &termencoding = &encoding
  setglobal fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,latin1
  set fileencodings<

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