On 3/12/18 1:13 AM, Chris Hanson wrote:
The keyboard you’re referring to is technically the “Apple Keyboard” and not 
specific to the Macintosh SE.

In fact, for most if not all of the Macintosh SE’s life, the keyboard was sold 
separately and you could buy either the Apple Keyboard or the Apple Extended 
Keyboard (replaced in late 1989 by the Apple Extended Keyboard II).

Apple didn’t start including keyboards again until the release of the Macintosh 
Classic and LC, which included the Apple Keyboard II.

I believe the Macintosh IIsi, releases at the same time, and the Quadra 700 and 
900 released subsequently, still required purchasing the keyboard separately; 
at that point it was sort of a Home/Education versus Pro production line 

   — Chris

iirc mine (ours) was in the box, of course it was an employee purchase shortly before production of the IIsi ceased.


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