On Mar 12, 2018, at 10:46 PM, charles lenington <macso...@cotc.net> wrote:

> On 3/12/18 9:27 AM, 'Jpoliti' via Vintage Macs wrote:
>> There is an old add-on power strip called “PowerKey” that allows you to use 
>> the power button on the old compact Macs using ADB keyboards (SE, SE/30, 
>> Classic, Classic II) and the early LC, LCII & LC III Macs. It also lets you 
>> turn off the computer from the “shut down” command. I still have one packed 
>> away somewhere if anyone is interested in that kind of functionality.
> side note: Anyone remember the add on button that attached to the side and 
> activated a button on the vertical logic board???

Yes, it was called the programmer's switch.  One button triggered a 
non-maskable interrupt (NMI, useful for debugging), and the other issued a hard 
reset to the microprocessor (useful for giving up after unrecoverable errors).  
Neither was anything like the Power key, or the Eject button on Duo Docks that 
would shut down first.


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