I'll post on list.
1. On the home screen double tap settings.
2. Double tap general.
3. Double tap accessibility.
4. Double tap VoiceOver.
5. Double tap speech.
6. Double tap default dialect.
7. In the English U.S. heading, double tap Alex.
He should begin downloading. Once downloaded he should start talking. If he doesn't and you hear Samantha instead, restart VoiceOver.

On 18/03/2015 15:34, Robin wrote:
I would appreciate it if someone could respond to me OffList with the
following information.

I'm interested in the "steps" on how to install & download "Alex" for
use on an Apple iPhone 6. I don't recall if this was asked before, but
if it was, it is the primary reason why I would like it sent OffList
unless other ListMembers are interested. Then, posting the "steps" would
be just fine OnList.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated

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