Last night I got my new iPhone 7! Yay! When setting up the phone I was asked 
what method I wanted to use to restore my information. I chose the most recent 
iCloud backup that I had made. When checking my phone an hour ago though, it 
looked like a brand new phone does. None of my apps and folders that I had on 
the 6S were showing on the new 7. This is the first time something like this 
has happened to me, each time before when I had restored from iCloud, all of my 
stuff came back. What do I need to do to get everything on the 7 like I had it 
on my 6S? Do I need to start over by erasing all data and setting up the 7 all 
over again? Please help!! All of my settings, app purchases, and app positions 
have been erased on the new 7. I really don't want to have to download each app 
all over again and arrange them, but I've got nothing else going on this 
weekend, grin.

Wayne Merritt
Sent from my iPhone 7

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