Unless I'm missing something, Soundscape does not give addresses. In my home, when I ask for my location it tells mePark Blvd. is forty yards west. Nothing about the house number. I tried to find a way to set my house as a reference point, but so far hav en't. Also, the only voice is British, and she/he echos like a person in a bathroom with no towels, making it difficult to understand. someone with less than perfect hearing might have a problem with it. the Around Me information does not include direction. So the grade school, directly across the street from us, is mention beside the catholic school two blocks south and the junior high which is two blocks east ... without any information except the distance from where I am.

there are lots of reference points--including benches near the wildlife preserve that is half a mile away. Soundscape does not chatter continuously about where you are, speaking only near intersections. this can be a plus.

All that said, Soundscape is accurate, telling me that Park Blvd is behind me, when it is actually behind me--information that sometimes confuses Nearby Explorer. My favorite by far is Blind Square. I particularly like knowing how far I have walked, which only Blind Square gives me.
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