Hi John,

When a specific contact is open there are a number of buttons at the bottom of 
said contact.  Among these buttons is “Block Contact” or (if the contact is 
already blocked, as is the case here) there will be a “Unblock Contact” 
instead.  Just double tap the “Unblock Contact” button and your friend should 
then be able to call you.

If you find it difficult finding these buttons, I usually focus on the very 
bottom of the specific contact screen and flick left (passing through a couple 
of tabs most times) until I’m in that specific contact dialog sheet.  I 
continue to flick left until I locate the “Block/Unblock” button.

An alternative method for unblocking a caller is to open 
<Settings><Phone><Block List>, find the list of blocks, focus on the particular 
entry and delete that entry from the block list much as you would delete any 
item in an iOS list.

One point I’d like to add here; if any of you are getting unwanted telephone 
calls from individuals or organizations that are not in your Contacts activate 
the “More Information” button in the “Recents” tab of the phone app for that 
undesired number.  You can use a “Block Caller” button in the resulting dialog. 
 The only I know of to then remove such a number from the “Blocked” list is to 
use the alternative method I’ve described above.

- Bill from Ino, Wisconsin
- "A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin."
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