Hi Everyone,

A quick introduction of myself.

I am a blind software engineer, studying mahematics at UQ in Brisbane, 

I am also a passionate sci-fi, space, physics and astronomy fan. I am not 
partially sighted, I am stone cold blind. But I wasn't always like that. I 
still remember summer nights when the sky was clear enough to see the Milky 
Way, the planets through the lens of a telescope, and the first images of 
constellations with their beautiful nebulas came out.

So I decided to write an app that allows me, blind, to find the exact position 
of all these objects in the sky using 2 sensory dimensions, with an attention 
to those who are partially sighted too, wherever I am located on earth. if I 
look for the sun, the phone will orient me to its exact location.

Astreos is the concatenation of Astrius, god of dusk, and Eos, goddess of dawn. 

As the app is a complete 6 degree of freedom experience to find planets, moons, 
manmade satellites and fragments, comets, asteroids, near earth objects, 
constellations, major stars and find information about them all, I thought it 
appropriate to put both gods of the sky in the same name.

This app uses connections to NASA's APIs, including the Horizons system which 
follows in mission critical precision all objects within the confines of the 
solar system, and updates itself automatically for the more than 118000 stars 
which are visible to the naked eye, 220000 other objects, including far away 
galaxies, their names, categories, how they look, what chemical elements or 
spectrum they have, super novas, and much more, through the largest 
astronomical database, the Vizier catalogue.

The app is still in beta and I and my team are working hard to put more and 
more content to the app, but more importantly, finding new ways to allow those 
of us who are blind to access such information, and really have a sense of 
where all of this is in the sky.

My personal experience for this has been to better understand where a lot of 
stars remain almost static, how some constellations are named and why, when 
they apear in the sky at what time, using my exact location. I spend a lot of 
time reflecting on how to make this magic better using either visual, sound, 
touch or voice.

You can listen to the frequencies coming out of every planet, and get a 3D 
audio experience of major stars in the 89 constellations interpreted as chimes, 
with higher pitches representing newborn stars, and clangy metallic chimes 
those older stars which are cooling down. Novas are thunder rolls coursing 
through the 3D space, and i am thinking of other ways to represent those stars 
and their properties.

The official video will be coming out soon, but here's a quick demo audio of me 
playing around with it:

> https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj184tgvzr481p8/Input%20Device%20Recording%2020180812%200638.mp3?dl=0
> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj184tgvzr481p8/Input%20Device%20Recording%2020180812%200638.mp3?dl=0>

If you are interested in testing the beta, I invite you to leave me your email 
at the following link: (don't expect it to be completely stable yet but it 
works fine on devices such as iPads and iPhones down to the 6 without issues).

https://www.oseyeris.com/contacts <https://www.oseyeris.com/contacts>

Since this is a beta, I am interested in getting your feedback, ideas and 
requests, and I will do my best to put them in the app.

have a great week y'all,

Yuma Antoine Decaux
OSS (Operating System Stack)
www.oseyeris.com <http://www.oseyeris.com/>
Skype: Shainobi1 
twitter: @triple7
linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuma-decaux-2756284/

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