Well I really love the ease in which I can use the Stream app on my phone to access content. Really don't like navigating cable channels using the browser. Never as easy in my opinion.

I'll consider this, but I don't want a gran or their friends going crazy buying movies if I happen not to be paying attention. That's why I want to be the one to control the content, not them.

They really rather spend most of their time watching YouTube videos anyway LOL.

On 8/12/2018 12:40 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
If I understand correctly, you have the Windows 10 machine connected to the TV 
via HDMI, right?
Why not just use the computer and the Xfinity site where you can stream 
everything that you can stream on your iPhone?

I suspect there is a way to do this through your phone, but I'm not sure what 
it is, though the Xfinity Accessibility people might.


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Good day!

Have sort of a dilemma on my hands.

I find myself watching/listening to a lot of Xfinity content on my
iPhone 8 using their very accessible Stream app.

Sometimes I want to mirror/stream this same content to my TV (So others
can enjoy it too.)

I have a Minix Neo Mini PC running the latest build of Windows 10 1803
connected to it via HDMI. It's pretty much the multi-media hub for
everything family watches!

Is there any accessible Windows 10 application available that would
permit iOS device to Window device video/audio mirroring?

Something that doesn't require a whole bunch of configuration to get it

Both my iPhone 8 and Minix Neo box are on the same home WiFi network by
the way.

Any ideas?


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