Hi Henrik,

I presume you are following the instructions at:


When during the addtion of the repo is the error occurring ? I assume Virtuoso 
is at least listed as an available repository and you have provide connection 
details and if so please provide the details of the connection params passed ? 
And it is at the point of added the Virtuoso repo that the error is occurring ?

If the RDF4J HTTP server is attempting to connect to Virtuoso then you can 
enable tracing to the “virtuos.log” file using the trace_on() function as 
detailed at:


Which should provide details of what is occurring in Virtuoso and hence 
possible cause of the problem ...

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> On 30 May 2017, at 08:34, Henrik Schmidt <h...@informatik.uni-kiel.de> wrote:
> I wanted to add a virtuoso repository with the rdf4j workbench and did the 
> necessary setup according to the wiki. 
> I'm running virtuoso 7.2.4 open source on ubuntu 16.04 LTS with rdf4j 2.2.1 
> and tomcat 8.0.39.
> Setup steps:
> 1. Copy virtjdbc4_2.jar and virt_rdf4j.jar into the rdf4j server and 
> workbench WEB-INF/lib folders.
> 2. Copy create.xsl and create-virtuoso.xsl into the transformations folder of 
> the workbench.
> When I try to add a virtuoso repo with the workbench I get an error (see 
> below).
> I asked the rdf4j community but they replied :
> "It looks like it is having trouble with the Buffer fetch size value. Have 
> you trying bring this up with the Virtuoso community?"
> So 'Im here now asking for help.
> 24-May-2017 09:01:01.287 SCHWERWIEGEND [http-nio-8082-exec-4] 
> org.apache.catalina.core.
> StandardWrapperValve.invoke Servlet.service() for servlet [workbench] in 
> context with path [/rdf4j-workbench] threw exception [org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.R
> DFParseException: Expected ']', found 'v' [line 23]] with root cause
>  org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.RDFParseException: Expected ']', found 'v' [line 23]
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.helpers.RDFParserHelper.reportFatalError(RDFParserHelper.java:403)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.helpers.AbstractRDFParser.reportFatalError(AbstractRDFParser.java:677)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.reportFatalError(TurtleParser.java:1306)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.verifyCharacterOrFail(TurtleParser.java:1141)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parseImplicitBlank(TurtleParser.java:561)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parseObject(TurtleParser.java:473)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parseObjectList(TurtleParser.java:413)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parsePredicateObjectList(TurtleParser.java:408)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parseTriples(TurtleParser.java:355)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parseStatement(TurtleParser.java:240)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.turtle.TurtleParser.parse(TurtleParser.java:202)
>         at 
> org.eclipse.rdf4j.workbench.commands.CreateServlet.updateRepositoryConfig(CreateServlet.java:132)
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