Are you using Fast User Switching or Remote Desktop on the problem computer?
That could cause the error that you're seeing, which would go away when you


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> Subject: "The connection closed unexpectedly"
> Hi all
> I'm having some problems logging into several remote systems. 
> Each PC is
> running Windows XP (home 5.1), and the Windows Firewall has been
> configured to accept connections through port 5900 for VNC. The router
> has also been set to port forward 5900 to the local IP of the PC.
> In general, I have had very little problems accessing these systems
> through VNC over the last six months. However, occasionally 
> just after a
> re-boot, I am given the usual password login interface but 
> then an error
> message pops up without letting me in ("The connection closed
> unexpectedly"). This has happened to a number of systems in 
> the last few
> days.
> Logging into the router, I can see that the local IP of the PC hasn't
> changed, and the PC is obviously still switched on (otherwise I would
> not have received the VNC login interface). A hard boot seems 
> to fix the
> problem, but this is can be difficult to acheive at some locations as
> they are located in remote locations.
> I'm not sure why this problem only seems to happen intermittently, but
> if anyone has any suggestions I'd be most grateful. Perhaps it's a
> startup issue on the PC - but I do find this hard to believe that it'd
> happen at such a large number of locations (especially when remaining
> systems still work fine).
> Kind regards
> Ben
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