We are in a similar boat. Almost 60% higher in traffic. We service medical, 
police, fire and a lot of technical orgs. They are doing constant conference 
calls. Big spikes in the morning.

On the other hand we also service hotels. That traffic is literally 
non-existent now.

We are doubling our server count this week in anticipation and shifting 
non-critical “data” side of the traffic to alternate paths.

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Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 5:43 PM
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We are +100% network traffic since the first lock-down happened. Its worth 
noting we are a healthcare focused carrier so this isn't at all surprising, and 
as more cities go into lock-down we expect this is going to move around, and we 
will probably see net +200%-400% traffic over YoY norms.

We have also seen +400% customer intake rate as healthcare providers scramble 
to be able to work remotely or rapidly scale staffing.

We are seeing both in regional surges as well.

On 3/23/2020 4:58 PM, Andrew Melton wrote:
It would be interesting to hear what kind of traffic shifts this group has 
observed over the past 2 weeks.  While certain variances are predictable, i.e. 
Mother's Day, I have no idea what to expect with millions of people in the US 
suddenly working from home every day and how that informs metrics, planning, 
reporting, etc.


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