Posted by Eugene Volokh:
Some Thoughts on Multiple Blog Posts:

   Some commenters said they were surprised that I've posted several
   times about the [1]Obama praise song issue; they suggested that the
   matter is minor enough not to merit three posts (or, I suppose, now
   four, depending on how you count this one).

   How many article a newspaper publishes about a particular incident may
   well reflect the importance of the incident. But bloggers operate
   differently. Among other things, (1) bloggers are more likely to post
   about amusing things they found in the course of researching the
   story, (2) bloggers are more likely to post follow-up factual updates,
   even relatively minor ones, (3) bloggers are more likely to criticize
   other responses to the story (whether from the media or from others),
   (4) bloggers are more likely to use the story as a launching off point
   for a discussion about other matters, such as blogging practices and
   the difference between blogs and the media, and (5) bloggers are more
   likely to react to reader comments, either to respond to them or to
   post something that the comment highlights as interesting.

   This is what happened here. I posted the original story this morning,
   chiefly because I saw some academic friends of mine comment on it on a
   discussion list that I'm on. That was post 1. I then decided to do a
   bit more searching, to see how other media outlets were covering this;
   a search for "Bernice Young" pointed me to the Media
   Matters post, which struck me as having a laughably over-the-top
   headline. A newspaper reporter likely wouldn't have written another
   story just about that, but I thought it was amusing and worth noting.
   I then saw that the substantive defense in the Media Matter post item
   was quite weak as well, so I included that in the post. That was post
   2. The query also showed me that there was a follow-up
   factual story in the news about the principal's response; a commenter
   to the original post also quoted from it, so that led me to conclude
   that this was a useful factual update. That was post 3. And the
   comments to post 3 led me to step back and remark on the difference
   between multiple blog posts and multiple articles in the newspaper,
   hence this post 4.

   Now this is surely not one of the great stories of our time -- not
   even close. But my point is that the presence of multiple blog posts,
   unlike the presence of multiple articles in the same newspaper, need
   not be closely related to the importance of the story.



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