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> See Wolfram's book
> I think you might like this book – "What Is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does
> It Work?" by Stephen Wolfram.

Wolfram is a smart cookie. This a good book. Much of it is over my head. I
will read it again from the beginning. Perhaps I will understand more. I
wish it had more examples.

One of the interesting points he makes is that LLM AI works much better
than he anticipated, or that other experts anticipated. And there is no
solid theoretical basis for knowing why it works so well. It comes as a

When he says it "works," he explains that means it produces remarkably
good, relevant answers. And he means the grammar and syntax of the
responses is very similar to human speech. He does not mean the LLM is
actually thinking, in the human sense.

As I said, I think the LLM do have a form of intelligence. Not like human
intelligence. It somewhat resembles the collective intelligence of bees.
They are not capable of creativity, although they do respond to stimuli and
changes in the environment. They have a hard-wired repertoire of responses.
They build their nests to fit in a given space, and they take actions such
as ventilating a nest on a hot day.

I do not think the LLM AI model will ever approach human intelligence, or
general intelligence, but other AI models may do this. Perhaps there will
be a hybrid AI model, incorporating LLM to generate text, with a more
logical AI model controlling the LLM. I think Wolfram thinks he can provide
something like that already. See:


I expect these other AI models will also use artificial neural networks
(ANN). So the effort -- the dollars! -- pouring into ANN may contribute to
higher level AI, and ultimately, to actual, human-like intelligence. Or
even super intelligence. Which many people fear.

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