also means that "they" have been lying about the theoretical physics - namely Einstein has a lot of things wrong (such as Equivalence Principle) but "they" haven't been allowing those things to be corrected.

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If there's any truth to the testimony before Congress, we already have the tech.

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<<reports of antigravity?<<

I got antigravity because Einstein wrong about Equivalence Principle.

see video

CY LO, DAVID P. CHAN & RICHARD C. Y. HUI - Oversights of Einstein & Maxwell and Invalidity of E = mc^2 8 August Vigier Conference 2018 see paper: The Temperature Dependence of Gravitation for the Metallic Balls - Measured with a Torsion Balance Scale The Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Vol 17 Issue 4 <>

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That is very interesting! And sad. I wonder how much truth there is to reports of antigravity? Perhaps we will never know . . .

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