On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM, Adrian Ashfield <a.ashfi...@verizon.net>

> According to Abd... "All claims dropped on both sides. It is as if the
> suit was never filed.
> The IP and license are not mentioned. As Rossi was apparently pleased I
> deduce something has changed in the ownership of the IP or the multi
> country license.
> As IH claimed the above were valueless it would be hard for them to object
> to them reverting to Rossi.  It was rumored that Rossi actually offered to
> buy them back earlier.
> If either the E-Cat or QuarkX work, this would be worth more than the $89
> million.
> I know you and others have made up your minds that Rossi never had
> anything that worked, but I find that conclusion premature.  If either work
> he may get the last laugh.

This myopic, narrow obsession with 'Intellectual Property' is the WHOLE
reason why this entire process has failed -- assuming cold fusion is a
material reality, in its own right. But that is at _least_ as much Andrea
Rossi's egotistical, money-grubbing fault, as anyone's.

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