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> As the smoke cleared Brian Ahern mounted the barricade and roared out:
> I use outlook for e-mails.How do you block certain senders?
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> *From:* Che <comandantegri...@gmail.com> <comandantegri...@gmail.com>
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> Best to filter all vortex mail to its own folder so that it doesn't get in
> the way of real email and you can delete en-mass when required.
> Alternatively if it is only one annoying sender (and if I guess right),
> then you probably just have to mention to our list patron Bill Beatty that
> it looks like our petty-bourgeois grok is back and starting to get up lots
> of peoples noses - and Bill will banish him to vortexB again!

Spoken like a natural-born police-informer.

If all it takes to censor people here is a little clique having its way --
so be it.

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