I apologize to use this list to answer "Che" but I do just because he
wrote here instead than directly to me, obviously I know that the rules
forbid it but I promise I will not do it any more.

I'm Italian, I've always voted for PCI till it was in existence, I'm 67
and participated to the rebellions at Rome University at the end of the
'60s, and in 1968 I was in agreement with Praha occupation by Warsaw
Pact and think that Brezneev was a great stateman, but I cannot
overlook that we failed to convince People that Marxism has the same
roots as Jesus' teachings (e.g.one Parable for all, the one of the
Workers in the Vineyard Matt 16:1-20) and is fairer than capitalism; I
think that Ho Chi Minh, as we say in Italy, "is rolling in his grave"
looking at the heirs of Viet Minh and Viet Cong's manufacturing the
hated American Nike shoes!  People, all over the World, want a better
life, to satisfy his needs, not only the basic ones and do not care
about those who are not part of his family and his neighbours, it is
the duty of the Governments to promote an ethical behaviour, and, to be
frank, it is difficult to achieve in democracy because People, as I
told before, tend to act in in a childish way (very selfish), and since
there are polls every one or two years, ethical laws would  penalize
the Party and the men who would like to enforce them.  
Having said that, I'm a pragmatic and think that the best we can do is
to act in order to have a better Capitalism based on real life, i.e. on
"things" rather than on "finance" which is the horrible thing which is
squeezing the Middle Class and favouring very few persons "horribly"
rich and increasing the number of the poorest.

One last thing: you must be young, what you write maybe upsets some
here but in my ears sounds ridiculous, you must have read a lot of
Subcomandante Marcos' sayings! 

Last, last thing, I could never stand El Che, he was an idealist who
sent to die a lot of "campesinhos" without giving them a chance to win,
and cannot stand people (especially girls) wearing T-shirts with that
image of El Che, if you search a bit deeply you'll find what really he
looked like, though he was not, an insignificant person.
I always liked Fidel who was able to stand as David against Goliath ...
and we know who Goliath was.

Aldo :-)   

Il giorno mar, 25/07/2017 alle 20.54 -0400, Che ha scritto:
> On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 5:31 PM, Aldo Maggi <aldoma...@katamail.com>
> wrote:
> > Well, I use Linux Evolution and Claws-mail and not Windows Outlook,
> > but
> > I do not think that the system is different:
> > write a filter adding the addresses of people whose mails you do
> > not
> > want to read (e.g.  comandantegri...@gmail.com ) and send them to a
> > special Folder (e.g. Noisy_people)
> And what does this make YOU then, Aldo..? No wonder you people are
> marginalized generally, as a group... and support money-grubbing,
> secretive cads like Rossi.
> And don't compare my political persuasion to your situation, OK? We
> have defined the politics of the entire Planet for the past century
> -- whatever your brainwashing tells you. Sometime I just can't wait
> for the looming economic collapse of the Capitalist order... simply
> because of the underhanded crud I have to deal with from certain
> self-righteous people.

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