The folks on Vortex-l that in the past have suggested Rossi was a fraud etc 
must be busy eating crow based on the significant silence of their anti-Rossi 

Bob Cook

From: Che<>
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2017 7:58 PM
Subject: [Vo]:Why Rossi 'won'

This has likely already been pointed out here -- but I'll point it out now 
(again), if it hasn't.

Here’s The Settlement—Getting The License Back Was Rossi’s Top 

The bottom line appears to be that IH 'settled' -- because they simply could 
not *prove* fraud (which perhaps, never actually took place -- at least the way 
IH sees it). Simple as that. So they would have _lost_ the case if it had gone 
to trial -- and been liable for whatever _they_ would have been liable for.

Rossi OTOH, strategically forewent the money he was 'owed': because he valued 
the IP over everything else -- and is smart enuff to know when to 'fold' and 
walk away.

Is that it, or close enuff..?

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