I  agree Lennart.
Vortex is not the worst offender.  lenrforum.com is worse.  People there write 
hundreds of pages of insulting, unproven waffle/speculation.  Apart from Jed 
most are anonymous armchair critics who do nothing themselves but apparently 
can't stand the thought of someone actually doing what they can only dream 
about. Many are so arrogant they are certain they have all he answers when they 




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I agree with Bob.
It has been a lot of name calling here on Vortex during the last year.   
Especially AR has been given very demeaing epithets.
I still don't know how well his invention works. I know he is a true 
entrepreneur. He believes in his ideas. One overwhelming proof is that he 
settled for just freedom from poor bed fellows to persuade the ideas. He could 
have retired before filing and had enough for the rest of his life.
Che could learn about benefits in free society isn't always driven by Money.
Jed could learn that things get done without government is involved and that 
unortodox methods  can be used.
I hope his invention has a great value.

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The folks on Vortex-l that in the past have suggested Rossi was a fraud etc 
must be busy eating crow based on the significant silence of their anti-Rossi 
Bob Cook

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This has likely already been pointed out here -- but I'll point it out now 
(again), if it hasn't.



Here’s The Settlement—Getting The License Back Was Rossi’s Top Priority



The bottom line appears to be that IH 'settled' -- because they simply could 
not *prove* fraud (which perhaps, never actually took place -- at least the way 
IH sees it). Simple as that. So they would have _lost_ the case if it had gone 
to trial -- and been liable for whatever _they_ would have been liable for.


Rossi OTOH, strategically forewent the money he was 'owed': because he valued 
the IP over everything else -- and is smart enuff to know when to 'fold' and 
walk away.



Is that it, or close enuff..?




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