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> Rossi is not as sure footed as he lets on. His small low temperature
> reactor cluster did not work at the start of the 1 year test. Rossi had to
> substitute the quad 250,000 watts tiger reactor cluster. To this day, Rossi
> still doesn't understand why those small low temperature reactors failed to
> function.
> Without understanding the underlying theory that underpins his technology,
> Rossi must use trial and error. Like a mouse in a maze each day can bring a
> wrong turn that can result in failure.  Yet Rossi projects a facade of
> confidence and defiance. This state of ever present insecurity must be
>  hard to conceal from his competitors, his supporters and especially his
> detractors.

Rossi's primary motive seems to literally be to get rich as quick as
possible. As you say above -- his modus operandi leaves much to be desired.
I only took an interest in this money-grubber when he was promising steam
gushing out of a container for pennies. It was the container and its
contents I hoped about -- not Rossi's Wall Street cred.

Frankly, I wish this little weasel would just disappear with the few
millions he did get his hands on -- and leave Science alone. If he DOES
finally 'make a better mousetrap' -- well, then so be it. But no thanks to
his secretive, proprietary anti-REAL-Science bullshit.

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