You're one to talk, Eric.   You are among the most unreasonable
moderators over at LENR-Forum with your acknowledged "Yes some farm
animals are more equal than others" and other bullshit you throw on
top of Pro-LENR enthusiasts and all the outright insults you allow by
the skeptopath crowd.

You should just post that your forum is so heavily biased and one-sided.

Right now I'm in trouble with you over there because you're allowing
the skeptopath Shanahan to derail the basic Peer Reviewed Replications
thread that I posted.   You engage in mind reading, you assign a
motive that I make it personal when anyone can review the comments on
that thread and see that it is not personal.

On 7/27/17, Eric Walker <> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I'll propose another reason for the recent silence:  disappointment at an
> extractive settlement and a realization that it is a mostly futile
> excercise to continue to debate with what remain of the hard core of
> Rossi's followers who haven't yet decamped after becoming familiar with the
> contents of the lawsuit docket.  No need to postulate the eating of crow,
> except in those instances where someone made a prediction about the outcome
> of the lawsuit.  Few people that I recall expressed much confidence in any
> particular outcome.
> So we are left with two groups of people following developments, even more
> divided than before the lawsuit, with each somehow further confirmed in
> their impressions.
> Regards,
> Eric

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