You suggest that the poor Swedish and Italian professors doing the Lugano test  
ash evaluation were fooled by a mysterious swap of “ash” by Rossin or an 
accomplice at the end of the test.

With all due respect I do not agree.

To prepare a fake ash sample would be very difficult with known technology 
IMHO.  This conclusion  reflects the highly skewed isotopic ratios of Ni 
reported by the professors..

Bob Cook

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This is a key point to rule out the theories of Rossi's defenders.
If IH was sincere, and enthusiastic as it is clear, this remove the theories 
that they tried to fake a negative result. What was fake was the methods, like 
in Lugano.

Even if you swallow the theories that it works, the way the test was conducted 
would have been manipulated to deter the investor, and defraud him of his 
intellectuel property.
As Rossi said about the way he pretend to have deterred a Swedish team, it 
would be a "magnificence". I don't swallow that theory, but even if true, it is 
even more disgusting.

I have been fooled, and the skeptic can play it easy to say we were warned by 
past results and never coming serious test. I don't regret as it was to verify, 
but we have the verification, BASTA!

only thing more painful than to be fooled is to be attacked when you face 
reality, by more fooled than me, and by friends and respected people, among.

LENR is a fractal tragedy. a fractal fiasco.
Some LENR supporters are not more scientific and realist than Huizenga or Parks.

It have to stop.

as you can read elsewhere I see the only exit in making PdD research with 
modern instrumentation as used in accumulator technology research.
This is my model for what woudl be a good LENR research:

I have few doubt we can move to NiH for industrial applications, and I even 
hope we can move to biological LENR, graphene, or many metal alloys, but first 
need to to have a theory, and my sad opinion is we need to temporarily throw 
out theorists and physicists, until there is much data they can work on. 
Urgency is for chemists and nanoscience experts.

2017-07-28 1:09 GMT+02:00 Eric Walker 

There is further corroborating evidence to suggest that IH were sincere,

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