My idea about the proper design of the quintessential LENR reactor is based
on this type of fission reactor. It has advantages, if only it did not need
U-235 to produce the neutrons that make it critical. With U-235 comes U-238
and that means Pu-239 is generated in abundance. This type of reactor is a

But U-235 could be replaced with a source of abundant subatomic particles
to replace neutron generating fissile material to support criticality, then
the LENR/fission hybrid is good to go: completely safe, highly efficient,
highly desirable by the utility industry being amenable to economies of
scale, and able to replace coal and existing nuclear power in a plug and
play mode with maximum reuse of existing infrastructure in existing utility
based power plants.

The thorium blanket would shield and absorb the muons produced by the LENR
reaction and no radioactive byproducts or fissile material would result.

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