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> I assume your misleading comment about Rossi’s “imaginary company” is like
> fake news: intended to create biased spin.

Not biased from my point of view.

> As far as in know (per legal documents from the settled suit between Rossi
> etal. and Darden etal.) the company was a real corporation in Florida.

Of course it was a real corporation! However, it had no employees, it
conducted no business, made no profits, and paid no taxes. That makes it a
dummy or fake corporation. Rossi claimed it was doing thousands of dollars
a day of business selling products that used process heat from the reactor.
He tried to pay I.H. for the heat. This was revealed in the trial docket.

There was no heat, other than the 20 kW input. The whole thing was a crude
fake. This is clear from the documents by Penon, Murray and Smith, which
are also in the docket.

- Jed

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