Bob Higgins <> wrote:

> In Mizuno's paper, he describes the deposition the preparation of the Ni
> and the Pd with a good deal of text, but in the final part of the
> preparation (page 8, figure 10) he describes heating the ceramic heater
> wrapped in Pd wire to 700-800°C for 10-20 hours to deposit Pd on the Ni
> surface.

That was the previous method. I do not think it ended up depositing much Pd
on the Ni. Or, I should say I think it ended up depositing Pd all over the
place. In Appendix A he describes two newer methods, in step 3:

Rub the surface with pure palladium. The palladium will adhere to the mesh.
Alternatively, the palladium can be plated onto the mesh (plating solution:
Tanaka, Inc., PDMO2LB). This is the key step. In an industrial process, a
similar material might be fabricated by some other method such as

Anyway, I will ask him about this.

- Jed

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