Those folks in Ga subject to Irma flooding should reach out to IH and their 
largesse  for help to  keep their heads above water—that’s  before IH goes 

Per the Rossi/Darden  trial statements  (see the recent  E-Cat World 
item from ABD) IH got $50M for 4% of newly issued stock.  Reading the opening 
statements containing the projection the facts of discovery and future 
testimony by the various presenters, I concluded Darden and Vaughan got cold 
feet and decided to settle the case without further losses.

However, IMHO much of that  $50M has been spent in legal fees, settlement costs 
and funding for old-time LENR experts and IH supportive  public voices.

It would be interesting to see IH’s  current balance sheet.

It remains to be seem whether any government or other persons or corporate 
interests have the wherewithal to put the Rossi effect on a dark pantry shelf.

Bob Cook

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I think Deal is making a wise decision.  Current projections show Irma 
remaining a Cat. 3 with a potential storm surge for the GA coast of 18-23 ft:

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 8:50 PM, Jed Rothwell 
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News item:

"Mandatory evacuation order issued for parts of Georgia

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal just ordered a mandatory evacuation for the area 
east of I-95 in Georgia. This includes the city of Savannah.

In addition, Deal ordered mandatory evacuations for Chatham County, and some 
other low-lying areas."

This seems like an over-reaction to me. Evacuating Miami, FL I can see. By the 
time the storm reaches Savannah, I expect it will be reduced in force.

Offshore islands in the Carolinas are being evacuated. I see the need for that. 
Those places seem like they are 6' above sea level.

- Jed

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