I ddon't think such blatant libel should be allowed on Vortex.




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It is not difficult to find funding if you have results. Vinod Khosla, a Forbes 
billionaire and successful venture capitalist, says that he actually looks for 
disruptive technology as his main parameter. Of course, it must work, as the 
primary ingredient.
Rossi is a scam artist who deserves no credit. In fact he is most fortunate not 
to have been prosecuted for false filings under oath - in US Federal Court - 
concerning the fraudulent JM shell company. According to IH, this and parts of 
his deposition constituted criminal perjury - and he is not in the clear on 
that yet, nor is his attorney. They may be thinking the bad-weather gods for 
As for Etiam – they did raise R&D money in Finland and built a prototype, but 
apparently this device could not perform as hoped, and the funding was dropped. 
Same with CoolEssence. 
Had Rossi been able to prove in court that he had anything valuable at all in 
the way of positive results - then more than likely, Etiam and CoolEssence 
could have been in line for more R&D funding despite their failures … but 
essentially, what has happened to many researchers is that Rossi has 
essentially “poisoned the well.” 
Very little funding for LENR is out there now. That is why Mizuno is seen as 
somewhat of a savior for the field. Maybe Khosla will have a look – if and when 
Mizuno is replicated.
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From: Adrian Ashfield

"On the other hand, it never fails to amaze us how difficult it is to find 
funding for the development of disruptive technology"

But rather than credit Rossi with finding funding you blame him for others 
failing to do so.




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BTW – here is Etiam’s patent filing, present status unknown due to the 
company’s demise.




It mentions both Rossi and Holmlid but is a different take. 


There could be value there.






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