It makes sense that in the near future, the electronics for all plug-ins and 
hybrids be redesigned to work both ways seamlessly – to power the house if 
needed using the same cable that provides battery charge. This makes the most 
sense with fuel cells and Honda already has a product for this in the pipeline.

It will provide about 4 times more power for a week, compared to your setup … 
so in places like Texas you could probably run the air conditioner as well as 

One would need about 5 of them to power Al Gore’s mansion, however… so there 
are limits.

From: Jed Rothwell

I am ready for a power failure. I now have a 2 kW inverter which I attach to 
the starter battery in a Prius. That is located inside, under the deck, where 
the spare tire is kept, so it stays dry in the rain. I can then leave the motor 
on. It only runs when the battery drains. 2 kW is enough to run a modern 
refrigerator and lights. Or a pump to drain water under the house, but I don't 
think I can run both at the same time. I wish I had a 4 kW inverter but I don't 
think you can attach that to an ordinary car battery.

- Jed

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