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> I wish I had a 4 kW inverter but I don't think you can attach that to an
> ordinary car battery.

And definitely too much for the Prius battery, which is only rated 12 V *
150 A = 1.8 kW. Not as much as a regular car traction battery. A Prius
mechanic told me he thought the 2 kW inverter shouldn't be a problem.

I checked the power drawn by the refrigerator and lights, and the pump.
These things use remarkable low power:

Fridge: 6.5 A = 780 W
Pump: 2.2 A = 264 W
LED lights = God has to pay *you*

The pump and fridge should both be able to run, but I have seen that
start-up power can be much higher than sustained power. With the inverter
attached to my Geo Metro ordinary car battery, the inverter circuit breaker
cuts off when I try to run a microwave, even though that is only rated at
1.2 kW. (That's what it says on the back.)

With a refrigerator, the trick is to keep the door closed and run it for 10
minutes every hour.

A 2 kW inverter costs about $120. It is the cheapest emergency power you
can get. Much cheaper than a gasoline generator. I have used this 2 or 3
times. It has paid for itself already by keeping the food in the fridge
from spoiling.

- Jed

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