Mother Nature has positioned all of us within a gigantic solar/magnetic 
experiment – a work in progress

If there are recurring weather or earthquake anomalies today or tomorrow, even 
though Irma has tapered off, some of the blame could point to the sun. The next 
storm – Jose - is looking strangely erratic… But there is more. Much more.

Is it time for… ta da … a Magnetic Pole Reversal? 

And can any of the recent weather anomalies also fit into a picture of magnetic 
instability in the core of earth, possibly locked into a long range positive 
feedback arrangement with the sun?

Magnetic Pole Reversals happen every few hundred thousand years. Earth has 
settled into a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 years for the 
last 100 cycles. However, it has been almost 4 times that long since the last 
reversal which was about 800,000 years ago.

This phenomenon could happen soon, but I’m glad it did not happen on 911 for a 
number of reasons. We already tend to blow up every minor coincidence to 
biblical proportions, so to speak.

Anyway - get ready to replace all of your compasses, fellow travelers.

You heard it first on vortex, which is strangely appropriate to hurricane 
season, no?

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