I started by writing books on Cold Fusion for Amazon.

They invited me to write apps for them.  I knew not how do this but I 
eventually figured it .
I have 4 apps out there now a plan to write a few more this winter. 
 I will write more while stuck at home and the snow is flying.

Now they invited me into their Merch program.   This program promotes my brand 
producing T shirts for me.  I will design a T shirt with my constant 1,094,000 
meters/second on it.
This is the velocity of sound in the nucleus and my constant.
Amazon will print, present, and ship the T shirts.  I will get about 30% 
royalty.  Lets see how this goes and how well the T shirts sells.  I love 
Amazon.  I hope this effort pays off.

As per the breach at Equafax.  If you have a Fidelity account Fidelity will now 
record and characterize your voice.
If someone calls in with your info they will be rejected because they do have 
your voice.  The voice fingerprint is about 100% effective.  I suggest that you 
do this now.

Frank Z

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