The main evidence for the culprit behind the most recent mass extinction 65 mya 
is a sediment layer rich in the element iridium, which essentially blankets 
much of the planet. Earlier extinction events probably had different causes 
(than an asteroid which had iridium as a minor component). The iridium itself 
most likely did not contribute to the extinction.

About 252 million years ago, the world came even closer to a complete reboot, 
in an event called the Permian-Triassic “great dying”. No asteroid this time.

Recently, a sediment marker has been found for that particular event which also 
tells us something about the physics of anomalous geothermal heat - the element 

The nickel itself wasn't responsible for the extinction event according to the 
“experts” — since the element found in older sediment is thought to be 
coincidental to the heating event, sort of a natural marker.

Are they correct? Of course, one detail not considered by these experts is that 
the huge amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, warming the 
entire planet by 14 degrees, could have been augmented by formation of dense 
hydrogen as well as LENR under heat and pressure. This source of extra heat 
first converted carbon and water into CO2 and UDH, some of which now makes up 
the core of the planet where it continues to react with other elements. 

Steven Jones when at BYU found greatly elevated levels of He3 - helium-3 around 
volcanoes and hydrothermal vents - and coined the term "piezonuclear fusion" to 
indicate fusion caused by mechanical squeezing. The theory becomes more valid 
with the proper identification of a species: ultra dense hydrogen (Holmlid) 
being present… and hot rock containing nickel (and iron oxide) would help to 
catalyze the UDH and the fusion.

Fast forward a few eons and Italy's Campi Flegrei Supervolcano has recently 
been reported to be active once again. Elevated helium-3 is the evidence, and 
this is a risk that almost no one seems to know much about.
Sad to imagine that the proof of LENR could eventually come from delving into a 
mass extinction event. At least Italy has many physicists who understand and 
believe in LENR.

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