Nigel and Jones—

IMHO Hatt’s theory of the nature of particles with mass and electrical/magnetic 
properties is correct.  His predictions are consistent with existing 
experimental evidence and go way beyond the accuracy of existing measurement 
technology to be confirmed as this technology improves.

The theory of  A.C.  Jessup is quite close to Hatt’s massification model .   
These two free thinkers may be considered by the Nobel folks henceforth as 
Jones suggests.

Bob Cook

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Subject: [Vo]:Grand theory of Philippe Hatt

This theory will not appeal to everyone but it has attractive features which 
“tend to grow on you”. Thumbs up from me.

The author (like Peter Gluck and Cervantes) is quite fond of, and skilled at 
neology – making-up new English words – which some find annoying.

The author (like Einstein) finds that the precision and simplicity of the basic 
Universal dynamic (massification/demassification) points to a kind of superior 
intelligence – which some find annoying

Not me, in fact with a little editing this could be made into grand  literature 
- of some arcane but enjoyable genre… “beyond hard sci-fi” or… it could win the 
Nobel if correct. Take your pick.

Apparently this thinking is not new, and others have already borrowed heavily 
from it. It was presented at Sochi recently, mainly for Russians, but the 
author’s name was misspelled. Not that anyone noticed…

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