I read the hole-in-water one. All BS, and stupid. To get a “head” the hole has 
to be not just empty when the seawater enters, it has to have a rigid shape. 
But when empty, and 100 feet deep, the upward pressure on the bottom will be 50 
psi, or mega-tons total (wild guess – somebody could waste time doing the math) 
over the whole structure. It would pop up out of the water, leaving a slight 
depression if any (no head). Put more realistically, as it was pumped out by 
the wind turbines output, it would slowly collapse upward. How does something 
this dumb make the light of day?

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Pumped storage is popular in the mountainous parts of Germany. They have "6,806 
MW" of pumped storage capacity:

That doesn't tell you much though, does it? 6,806 MW for how long? A half hour? 
One day?

In Belgium they are talking about building a large hole in the ocean for pumped 
energy storage. Seriously. See:


- Jed

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